Celsius Energy Drink: Why Does It Burn Fat?

Celsius Energy Drink is Innovative

Celsius energy drink is the next big thing in weight loss! It is a low calorie, sugar free soft drink that actually makes you burn more calories after you drink it by speeding up your metabolism and curbing your hunger.

Celsius is composed of:

  • green tea extract
  • guarana seed extract
  • ginger root
  • vitamin B
  • vitamin C
  • chromium

What Do They Each Do?

The green tea extract provides the drink with caffeine to give the drinker a boost of energy. That is sure to get them through whatever task is necessary. Ginger root helps with the thermogenesis process. Positively affecting the nervous and digestive systems. Vitamin B can be essential to boost energy and your metabolism. It helps you recover faster from fatigue! The Vitamin C also directly supports your immune system. Chromium helps show and maintain normal blood sugar levels.  All these ingredients work together to make this drink a life changing product.

It’s Helpful

Celsius is a great drink for many different occasions. It can be used to get a quick boost of energy any time throughout the day. Used as a healthier substitute for high calorie soda, energy drinks and sugar filled coffee, and even burning calories. Due to its high caffeine level, the manufacturer recommends that you do not drink it before bed.

It’s Credible

Celsius energy drink is produced by Celsius Holdings Inc., which was founded in 2004.  The company has years of research backing the product’s efficiency and safety. All of the studies were published in peer reviewed journals. Validated by scientist and professors, Celsius claims to help you burn an extra 100+ calories with every can. It speeds up the consumer’s metabolism, burning more calories.  It works best when combined with exercise to maximize ones calorie loss. This drink comes in 7 delicious flavors both carbonated and non-carbonated. It is also available in powder form (Celsius powder sticks) that dissolves instantly in water.

Change your life and burn more calories during your normal exercise routine by adding a delicious Celsius to your workout!

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