Crystal Light A Tasty Sugar Free Drink Mix

Crystal Light Drink Mix

Crystal Light is a great new beverage that will change the way you drink water forever. This delicious sugarless water additive that can be found in both powdered and liquid form which, when added to water, makes a great tasting fruit drink. They have four main product lines – Classics, Tea, With Caffeine and Pure. Their three sugar free product lines use artificial sweeteners such as amino sweet, acesulfame potassium, sucralose instead. These mixes come in  an abundance of flavors ranging from ice teas to tropical fruit flavors and fruit cocktails.

Classic Flavors

Their Classics line has a series of single fruit flavors like lemonade, grape and orange, as well as mixed fruit flavors such as fruit punch, raspberry lemonade, strawberry kiwi, strawberry watermelon and so on. Each serving generally only contains 15 calories per serving with some flavors containing no calories at all. Crystal Light can also be added to any other drink to give them better flavors. For example, many people mix it with alcoholic beverages to mask the taste. Crystal Light can make any beverage taste great.

Tea Flavors

In their Teas, you can find a variety of iced teas, green teas and sweet teas. Some teas are even merged with different types of fruit such as lemon, peach, mango, raspberry and pomegranate to create a great tasting tea. The next category is caffeinated Crystal Light. There are four flavors that contain caffeine: Peach Mango, Citrus, Grape and Wild Strawberry. These caffeinated beverages are intended to be used as a pick-me-up in the later times of the day, or as a quick way of getting a needed boost of energy. For people who are looking for a drink with a reduction in sugar, but who don’t necessarily need it to be completely sugar free, there is Crystal Light Pure. This product line contains some sugar as well as Truvia brand Stevia for an all-natural drink.

Brand History

Crystal Light started in 1982 and had the popular actress Linda Evans as their spokesperson. In 2004 they launched their “On the Go” packets which provided easy-to-carry single servings of a variety of  flavors.  Crystal Light is its own brand but it is manufactured by its parent company Kraft Foods®. This water flavor enhancer is a great way to start the day and a great way to reduce your consumption of soda, sugar filled juices and even energy drinks. So next time you are thirsty try Crystal Light.

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