Goldfish – The Crackers You Should Be Eating

“The Snack That Smiles Back! Goldfish!”

We’ve all heard of this and Goldfish so many times.

  • cheesy baked crackers
  • made with real cheese
  • taste delicious
  • contains no sugar
  • a fun treat for your kids to enjoy

Although these Goldfish crackers may be the favorites of children everywhere, people of all ages can enjoy the great tasting cheese flavor that is packed into every cracker.

The History:

Goldfish Crackers are produced by Pepperidge Farm, which is currently a division of the Campbell Soup Company. Pepperidge Farm was founded in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin, a house wife whose youngest son had developed an allergy to processed food. All the bread products available in their area at that time were highly processed, making it difficult for her child to have a balanced diet without a negative reaction.

So Margaret began to bake her own natural bread in an effort to help her child. After a few attempts she had created the perfect loaf of bread. It tasted delicious and it was much healthier than any other bread. Her son got drastically better and she began to sell her bread out of her kitchen to local supermarkets and convenience stores. Everyone loved her bread so much she expanded and created Pepperidge Farm, named after the farm she was living on in Connecticut.

How Far Have They Come?

Although this company started with bread, it expanded to make many other products, including cookies, treats and frozen food. Margaret would travel and would bring back recipes and produce them herself. After a trip to Switzerland she came back with the Goldfish recipe. Oscar J Kambly, the Swiss biscuit producer who owned the recipe, agreed to let Margaret sell his creation in America. Pepperidge Farm then introduced Goldfish to America in 1962.

Pepperidge Farm has stayed true to their pledge to only use the best ingredients for the best products. So no matter how old you are,  if you are hungry, get some Goldfish.

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