Ice Breakers Provide Fresh Breath and a Fun Experience

Ice Breakers Provide Fresh Breath and a Fun Experience

Ice Breakers mints are the fun way to freshen your mouth – they taste delicious and are all sugar free making this refreshing experience all the better!

These mints are designed to produce a refreshing and tingly sensation in your mouth every time you eat one. Similar to 5® gum, each individual piece is designed to provide the consumer with a new way to enjoy a product that has always seemed dull.

Mints used to only serve one purpose, to eliminated bad breath and provide a mint aroma. Now with Ice Breakers, you can enjoy freshening your breath with a variety of flavors, not only mint.

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What are the Flavors?

Original mints:

  • mint
  • spearmint
  • wintergreen
  • cinnamon
  • peppermint

Ice Breaker Sours: Fruit Flavors (Mixture of 4 Major Flavors)

  • pink lemonade
  • apple
  • tangerine
  • watermelon

Ice Breaker Sours: Berry Flavors

  • berry splash
  • strawberry
  • raspberry lemonade

They also have Ice Breakers Duo that provide a fruit and refreshing flavor in one single mint.

The History:

Nabisco®, a division of Kraft Foods, first produced Ice Breakers. When Hershey acquired the brand from Nabisco®,  Ice Breakers went along for the ride. In addition to mints, they also makes a wide range of sugarless flavored gum. Their gum is covered with Xylitol crystals and shaped like cubes .

What to look for:

The company packages mints in convenient disk shaped containers that have two openings – a really great gimmick! Multiple hands can grab mints through one opening labeled “to share”. On the other hand, people can shake a single mint into their hands from the other side labeled “not to share”.

As a result, the consumer can choose how many mints they want, thus placing the suggestion in the user’s mind that they should share (creating the need to purchase more Ice Breakers!). These mints have brought fresh breath to everyone in a healthier and more satisfying way. So next time you need a burst of freshness grab a pack of Ice Breakers and share the greatness.

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