Jell-O Pudding! Same Taste, No Sugar

Jell-O pudding, delicious, creamy and now sugar free!

Jell-O – The Right Way To Snack!

This loved snack all across America just keeps getting better! Now it can be found without added sugar in all the original flavors:

  • chocolate,
  • vanilla,
  • lemon,
  • cheesecake,
  • pistachio,
  • banana cream and
  • white chocolate.

Although this brand was originally famous for their gelatin, the pudding has gained fame over the years making it the more popular of the two desserts today. The new product, Jell-O pudding, took off and took America by surprise.

What Can You Do With Jell-O

Their pudding and gelatin is sold in both powder and snack sized travel cups, but it doesn’t stop there! With the powdered form of both desserts, you can make hundreds of other recipes that can be found online. With this snack as an ingredient, you can make anything from salads to relishes to desserts.

The History:

Jell-O gelatin was invented in Le Roy, New York, in 1897, by a carpenter and cough syrup manufacturer named Pearle Wait. One day while experimenting with gelatin he created the wonderful fruit flavored dessert that America loves, although it was his wife that came up with a name for the new product – Jell-O.

Pearle didn’t have it easy trying to sell his new dessert so he sold the recipe to Orator Frank Woodward for $450.  Woodward mass produced it, made a variety of flavors, and turned it into the star product of the Genesee Pure Food Company. By 1909 the recipe was worth over a million dollars! Jell-O became the American sensation though diligent and clever advertising. (Just think back to all the commercials with Bill Cosby!) Today it is manufactured by Kraft in Dover Delaware.

Now that sugarless pudding is available. The possibilities are endless to diabetics and people who are avoiding sugar! Get all the greatness of Jell-O without the extra sugar and calories.

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