Sugar Free LifeSavers – The Candy You Should Be Eating

Sugarless LifeSavers

LifeSavers now offers a variety of sugar free flavors that have all the great flavor, less calories and none of the fattening sugar in their regular hard candy. This candy has been the public’s favorite hard candy for the past century! LifeSavers produces round candies with that distinctive hole in the middle in both hard and soft forms. The Soft candies, which are similar to gummy candies in texture and taste, come in a variety of fruit flavors that everyone can enjoy.  (Rumor has it that these will shortly be offered in a sugarless variety, which is why they are mentioned here – so watch for announcements!)

For the time being, the only sugar free option that they offer is their traditional hard candy form.  Their Sugar Free Hard Candy comes in two mint flavors, Sugar Free Wint O Green and Sugar Free Pep O Mint (note how the “O” in the middle of the name reminds you of the shape of the candy!), and two fruit varieties, Sugar Free Wild Cherry and Sugar Free 5 Flavor Assortment (the 5 Flavors are Cherry, Raspberry, Watermelon, Orange and Pineapple mixed in the same bag or roll).


All of these flavors can be found in different size packages.  The most recognizable form of their packaging is the classic “Roll” where the individual mints are stacked one on top of each other and then wrapped in tin foil resulting in a thick tube that contains 14 pieces of candy. (How many times have you compared a roll of LifeSavers to a roll of pennies?)  The next size up (with the most flavor choices) is the “Peg bag” (so named because they are hole punched at the top to hang on pegs in the stores) which contain approximately 20 candies per bag.  Continuing to increase in size is the “Laydown Bag” (44 candies) followed by the largest size the “Stand Up Bag” with a whopping  77 candies for when you really have to have a LOT of LifeSavers.


LifeSavers were first produced in 1912 by chocolate maker Clarence Crane. He made the first LifeSavers mint candies during the summer as an alternative to chocolate which does not withstand the summer heat very well. Clarence wanted his hard mints to be different and recognizable so he punched holes through them to make them stand out from other hard candies. The hard candy was then named Lifesavers because their donut shape resembled a circular life preserver.  In 1913 he sold the formula for his mints to Edward Noble who then turned LifeSavers into a brand. Edward was also the one who began to package them into rolls with tin foil so they would stay fresh, and developed other flavors than mint (in 1935).  The sugarless LifeSavers weren’t introduced until 1995!  So, next time you need a delicious sugar free piece of candy try Sugar Free LifeSavers.

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