Why You Should Make Cheez-It Your Main Snack!

Cheez-It, one of America’s favorite baked cheese crackers – loved by children, parents and grandparents!

Why is Cheez-It So Great?

  • A tasty filling snack
  • Contains no sugar! (but does contain sodium)
  • Healthier than most of its competitors

According to their commercials, the bakers take pride in their product and only use properly aged cheese that is baked into every little cracker. The company puts a large amount of emphasis on how important using real cheese is, which led to their slogan “Real Cheese Matters.”

Where is the best place to have Cheez-Its?

  • At any social gathering because of its delicious baked cheese taste and easy to handle square shape
  • In children’s school lunches – once again, easy to eat and handle, and so tasty!
  • In vending machines – the familiar single serving bag is a staple in machines all across the United States

The History:

Cheez-It is currently owned by Kellogg’s (it was originally produced by the Green and Green Company in 1921.)  Over the years, the cracker has been sold to Sunshine Foods, then Keebler and finally to the current owner, Kellogg’s.

The Cheez-It was originally released as a 1” by 1” cracker.  Because of its aesthetically pleasing square shape and easy to grab small size, not much has changed in its original appearance over the years. In the late 80’s, after the world pleaded for the secret to the rich taste compacted into every cracker, the company responded that the crackers were simply made with only real cheese. No wonder this little snack has such a strong fan base! Cheez-It wowed the public by expanding their product lines and making multiple flavors with different cheeses:

  • Original Classic Cheddar
  • Baby Swiss
  • Pepper Jack
  • White Cheddar
  • Asiago
  • Colby
  • Italian Four Cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Hot & Spicy

The original Cheddar flavor also comes in Reduced Fat, Extra Toasty and Whole Grain. Cheez-It is even Kosher! No wonder this cracker is so loved.

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