Nick’s Sticks: The Natural Meat Stick Snack

Nick's Story

A behind the scenes look of Wallace Farms.

The Healthiest Meat Sticks

Nick’s Sticks, the new type of meat stick! Nick’s Sticks contains no sugar, no nitrates, no nitrites and no MSG – making it the healthiest meat stick on the market!  100% grass-fed beef raised with no antibiotics or hormones. Their turkeys are all are raised free-range! All of Nick’s products are composed of natural meat with only organic salt seasoning – leading to Nick’s Sticks slogan, “All the goodness. None of the garbage.”

Other meat sticks and jerky companies cannot say the same thing. Some of their competitors (like Slim Jim® and Jack Link’s® to name a couple) use preservatives and hormones to  produce more product at a faster rate and enable their products to have a longer shelf life. Nick’s Sticks are different. They do not use hormones or antibiotics on their cattle, and only feed the cows grass. The products are also gluten free and do not use any red dye. Yes, it’s true! – no harmful MSG, no nitrates, no antibiotics, no hormones, no sugar, no red dye and no gluten.  Each stick is 100% fresh meat and simple seasoning.

Ingredients are Key

This is how Nick’s surpasses their competitors – by only using the best ingredients and eliminating unwanted chemicals. By providing healthier snacks for the public they are trying to achieve their mission of reducing health issues in American consumers. Nick has started a movement that will hopefully influence the food industry –  healthy and safe food for healthy and safe .

Company History

Nick’s Sticks was founded by Nick Wallace. A farmer who battled lymphoma and survived it. After overcoming cancer Nick decided to make a difference in today’s over-processed and over-treated food which has been shown to cause an abundance of health risks to millions of people every day. Out of his garage he started his company which focuses on bringing only the best meat to the public. Because of Nick’s history with cancer, he set out to change the world and with Nick’s Sticks he has taken the first steps to changing the way Americans eat. Raising healthy animals in a healthy way and producing the safest and highest quality products.

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