Paleo Weight Loss Diet – 50 Enticing Recipies

Paleo Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss is a great book that outlines the new way to lose weight! This revolutionary recipe book has 50 easy-to-make healthy recipes that will make your mealtimes healthy and enjoyable.

Paleo Weight Loss Diet – Human Nature:

Paleo weight loss diet is so effective is due to our human nature and history. Ages ago, when hunger struck, people could not just drive down to their local grocery store to buy a snack. Throughout history humans had to hunt and gather their own food for every meal, in addition to not knowing when their next meal would be. So our bodies have evolved to allow us to survive when food is scarce. Our bodies adapted to store fat easily in order to help us survive as a species.

Today, our inborn survival instincts have stayed the same – we still store fat easily to protect the survival of the species during lean times.  What has changed is that our access to food has become abundant. This means that people are eating greater quantities of food at more frequent intervals, and our bodies are storing the same amount of fat. Unfortunately, this once very useful survival tool is now hurting us.  Too much fat in our bodies causes diseases such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes as well as many others.

The Paleo diet recommends avoiding sugar. Learn about a great sugar substitute that will help you maintain this diet!

Why the Paleo Diet Fixes the Problem

The scientists behind the paleo diet decided to target the problem at its roots. Instead of changing our bodies, we have to change the way we eat. This form of dieting allows people to eat delicious food that will not cause them to store large amounts of fat. These recipes work with our genetics and help keep us stay lean and well nourished.

The Key to this diet is to eat lean protein, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, like those that are found in nuts and seeds, and to avoid dairy, grains, processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Dieting is always a sacrifice, but with the paleo diet it’s a sacrifice that can be easily made, and you will not be disappointed with the results!

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