Pirate’s Booty All Natural Cheese Puffs

Pirate’s Booty: The New Way to Snack

Pirate’s Booty – the all-natural brand of cheese puffs that uses real ingredients that you can identify! Check out their label and you’ll see only ingredients that you know and can identify like corn meal and rice. Not all snack foods are created equal! Pirate’s Booty snacks contain no sugar and 0g trans fat; besides that, they are certified kosher and gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). and by the Orthodox Union (OU). 

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Their History

Pirate’s Booty was first produced in 1987 after its creator, Robert Ehrlich, observed a large number of families buying cheese puffs at his local super market. He checked the label and realized that those puffs did not have any actual cheese in them! Ehrlich decided to change that. He created Pirate’s Booty so that the public could enjoy real cheese puffs made with actual cheese.,, and all suggest Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar as a healthier lower calorie alternative to the leading cheese puff brand.

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What are GMOs?

A lot of people have many questions about GM (genetically modified) ingredients and wanted to know if Pirate’s Booty uses them. They responded in their FAQ (frequently asked questions) page that most of their products do contain GMOs because 85% of American cultivated corn has been genetically modified. They also state that some of their bags are marked with “Non-GMO project verified” and are produce with non-GMO ingredients. The GMO free bags can only be found at select retailers, so keep an eye out for them. Feel free to check the Pirate’s Brands website for more information.

The Pirate Brand also produces veggie puffs that are made the same way. However, they contain multiple different vegetables instead of cheese.

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