Why Should You Read The Obesity Code?

The Obesity Code is Not Your Average Diet Book:

In fact, the author of The Obesity Code, Dr. Jason Fung, stated exactly that in his blog post on

 “The Obesity Code is not a diet book I didnt intend to write a diet book. I dont pretend that Ive discovered the latest and greatest anything. Instead, Im touching upon a dietary treatment which is older than any other Ive used that as a starting point and incorporated the effects of insulin resistance, fructose, vinegar, and fiber into a more comprehensive and cohesive theory of obesity. The obesity theory of everything.

With this book, Dr. Fung never intended to sell a fake diet plan. He never attempted to instruct gullible readers how to impossibly change their way of living to accomplish a healthier lifestyle. Instead, he wrote the book to educate the public to a very real danger.  His intention is to bring the problem to light on a deeper and more focused level.  He wishes to teach his readers why obesity is such a large problem in this day and age.

Why it Was Written?

He discusses obesity as a theory to show that it is not a tangible thing you can get rid of overnight. Instead, he touches upon all the main factors that contribute to excess weight.  As a result, the public learns that by making better choices they can learn to avoid and end obesity.

Fung disapproved of the way dieting books were portraying the problem. He disapproved of how they would provide recipes to make healthy versions of unhealthy snacks. An example he gave was brownies. Brownies have a delicious taste. However, they sadly contain ingredients that are not good for the body in excessive amounts. They have loads of sugar, and are very fattening. He is baffled at how fake some books were because they would lie to the public and try to sell unhealthy treats as “healthy treats” when following a different recipe.

What is it about?

As a response to all the inaccuracy he saw in the diet book world, he wrote The Obesity Code.  His book attempts to clear up the misconception that dieting is easy. In addition, he argues that dieting cannot be accomplished with a formula that requires minimal effort. The focus of the book is the obesity problem, its causes and effects, and some possible ways that it can be reduced or eliminated.

If you are looking for a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding excess weight gain, this book, The Obesity Code, is required reading.

About The Author:

Dr. Jason Fung Is a doctor specializing in nutrition and dietary issues. He completed Medical School at the University of Toronto. Also, he founded the Intensive Dietary Management Program in Toronto that provides unique treatment for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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