Splenda America’s Most Used Sweetener!

Splenda is the most used artificial sweetener in the country!

Limiting their sugar intake has been an issue for people suffering from diabetes and obesity for a very long time. Does this mean that diabetics and dieters should stay away from everything sweet that contain sugar? Or should they have to drink bitter coffee every morning?  Absolutely not! Because, thankfully there are artificial sweeteners like Splenda to bring sweetness to everyone’s day.

Whats in Splenda?

Splenda is the most used artificial sweetener in the United States today.  The ingredient that gives it its sweet flavor is Sucralose. Sucralose is derived from sugar. However the important part is that the body cannot break it down. So it flows through the body without altering blood sugar or insulin levels. This is causes food to taste sweet without your body digesting any sugar.

Here’s the Science:

When sugar is consumed, it is absorbed into your blood stream. This causes your blood sugar levels to rise. Our cells need sugar for energy but the sugar cannot be directly absorbed by the cells themselves all alone. So when your blood sugar rises, the pancreas comes to the rescue by releasing a hormone known as insulin.   Insulin allows the cells to absorb sugar to get the energy they need to live.

Sugar caused Disease: 

Diabetes is a disease in which the body produces little or no insulin to aid the cells in absorbing the sugar out of the bloodstream. High and low levels of blood sugar follow which can be life-threatening. Instead use artificial sweeteners –  the key to having sugary foods without the spikes in glucose levels. This benefits dieters as well by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood stream and reducing the amount of sugar your body stores as fat.

Splenda’s 3 main ingredients:

  • a small amount of sucralose (because it is much sweeter than sugar),
  • dextrose,
  • and maltodextrin.

The dextrose and maltodextrin are used as fillers to give the sucralose the volume and physical texture of granulate sugar.

So if you are looking for an alternative to  sugar, whether you are diabetic, or dieting, or just trying not to eat too much sugar in general,  use Splenda instead.

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