Why You Should Start the Whole 30 Program

The Whole 30 Program is taking the diet industry by storm!

This book is not a diet, but provides you with tips, suggestions and guidelines to end bad eating habits forever and revolutionize your life. People have had trouble maintaining diets for a very long time but The Whole 30 is here to help. The key is not to follow depressing diets, but simply to change your life style. Eating healthy is a mindset and, The Whole 30 helps everyone to get into that mind set and change their lives.

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How Does It Work?

The program is designed to help you lose weight and become a healthier eater in 30 days. It requires you to cut out all the foods that are “worse” for you and replace them with healthier food.

The first step, according to the book, is eating real food. The program suggests that you stop eating processed food and stick primarily to natural food. Natural foods include: meat, eggs, vegetables, seafood, nuts, seeds and fruit. But, as with all weight-loss diet changes, some sacrifice is required. Here is a partial list of things to eliminate from your diet:

  • No added sugar (artificial or real)
  • no grains
  • dairy free
  • no MSG
  • tobacco free
  • no alcohol
  • and most surprisingly, no weighing yourself or measuring your body in any way for the entire program to avoid people from focusing on their weight.

The program is very encouraging and assures their followers that with a little hard work and determination this change in lifestyle can be accomplished.  More importantly, you will be in love with the results you get. So if you are thinking of beginning a new weight-loss program, let The Whole30 program show you the way to healthier living.

About the Authors:

The book was written by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig, the creators of The Whole 30 program. This book has even become a The New York Times Best Seller. This power couple has written multiple other diet books together which have also helped changed the lives of thousands of people.