Stevia Natural Sweetener – A Sugar Free Solution

Stevia Natural Sweetener – What Is It?

Stevia Natural Sweetener – a great sugar free option!  This all natural sugar free sweetener is extracted from a plant – the Stevia Rebaudiana plant. This makes it a great alternative to other sugar free sweeteners if you are searching for a substitute for sugar.  This plant is actually 150 times sweeter than sugar, so that you need to use less to sweeten your food. It is produced by many manufacturers and comes in both powdered and liquid form. The liquid form comes in different flavors such as vanilla and coffee.

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Where Does It Come From?

The Stevia Rebaudiana plant originally grew in South America.  Natives used Stevia for thousands of years as a sweetener for medicine and teas.  The plant was named after the Spanish botanist Pedro Jaime Esteve. His last name, Esteve, came from the Latin root, Stevus.  This led to the name Stevia. Not much research was conducted on the sweet plant until 1931 when a couple of French chemists were able to separate the glycosides. This is the chemical compound in the plant that causes the sweet taste. Later in the 1970’s, due to the ban of harmful sweeteners, many searched for an alternative.  As a result, people began to use Stevia in Japan. (Fun fact: Japan currently uses more of this as a sweetener than any other country!)

They clearly know what they are doing in Japan, because Stevia has no carbs and no calories! It is also one of the best sugar alternatives for people suffering from health problems like diabetes and obesity because it does not cause a spike in insulin or glucose levels in the blood. Stevia was approved by the FDA as a food additive in December of 2008 and has been widely used since. Stevia became the iconic sugar replacement in many healthy food options.

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Helpful Resources

Stevia’s website is a great resource if you need to know anything further about “nature’s best sugar alternative”. It has loads of informative articles about the product along with many recipes that teach consumers how to use this sweetener while they cook and make their own healthy food at home. It even has charts comparing Stevia to other sweeteners. (Amazingly, the site even has instructions on how to grow your own!) So drop the sugar and pick up some Stevia, you’ll be happy you did!.

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