Sugar Free Red Bull Energy Drink Benefits

“Red Bull Gives You Wings”


Sugar Free Red Bull has all the energy and taste of regular Red Bull without any of the fattening sugar! The highest selling energy drink across the entire world is now sugarless! Great for the thrill seekers that are paying attention to their health or weight.

Sugar Free Red Bull – Did You Know?

Did you know that Sugar Free Red Bull is based on a Thai recipe? The Red Bull brand was founded in 1987 in Austria after Dietrich Mateschitz, and Austrian entrepreneur, tweaked the formula of Krating Daeng, an existing Thai sports drink. Materschitz wanted to sell this great drink in Western countries and changed the ingredients. This was to create a taste that western cultures would enjoy. So he partnered with Chaleo Yoovidhya (the creator of the original Krating Daeng) and they created Red Bull as a global brand. Red Bull’s headquarters are located in Fuschl am See, Austria, near the Austrian Alps. The water used in every Red Bull comes directly from pure sources in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.

The other ingredients used in sugar- free Red Bull are caffeine, taurine, B-group vitamins, Amino Sweet and Acesulfame K. Caffeine is the active ingredient that provides the consumer with energy and confidence. The taurine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in the human body and is involved in many biological processes. The B-group vitamins are very important and help the body break-down and reconstruct proteins and carbohydrates. Lastly, Amino Sweet and Acesulfame K are sugar substitutes that are added for taste.   Although some people are wary of energy drinks (when abused they can cause cardiac and psychological problems), the FDA has approved Red Bull and other energy drinks and has notified the public that if they are ingested in moderation, they are not harmful.

Who Drinks Sugar Free Red Bull?

Red Bull has become the promoter and sponsored energy drink to hundreds of athletes and extreme sport professionals. Since they are an energy drink, it is clear why their slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings” and why many people who lead really active lives use it. Of course, it is also popular with students, professionals and anyone else looking to feel energized.  Now with the sugarless cans and the Red Bull Total Zero cans, everyone can drink Red Bull without having to worry if it is going to affect their sugar levels or make them gain weight. If you are in need of a sudden boost of energy Sugar Free Red Bull is the way to go!

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