Sugar Free Starlight Mints – A Fairytale

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The Classic-Starlight Mints

Starlight Mints are minty and long-lasting – and now they’re sugar free! They are the perfect little sweet to top off that great meal or a special treat after a long day at work.

The Story Begins

It definitely has been a long day but now it’s time to sit back, relax and indulge in sweetness. As you stir through a jar of mixed candy – perhaps sent to you by a relative trying to become more relevant in your life? – you pick every random piece your fingers come across and study them individually. You stare into the colorful bowl. Lost in the possibilities of chocolate, gummies or hard candy, you eagerly reach out to choose a piece, but suddenly remember that you have not gone to the gym for the past week. All at once, that sweet sugary reward stops looking so appealing.

Now What?

In defeat, you pull back your hand and sigh while you glare at the bowl. After a few seconds, as you try fight the urge to look back at the bowl you lock eyes on a circle covered by red and white swirls that pulls you into a nostalgic place of peppermint bliss, a famous Starlight Mint. Almost in a daze, you pick it up and the clear plastic wrapper crackles, sending you back to the times when Grandma used to unwrap what appeared to be a tiny candy disc. But then a loud sound draws you back to reality, and you realize, sadly, that nothing’s changed – you still can’t afford the calories.

Just Enjoy

But wait! As you go to put the piece of candy back you notice those two magical words on the wrapper – “Sugar Free”! This is a game changer! Now you can afford to get lost in your childhood again, like the time your grandma promised your mom she wouldn’t let you indulge in any candy, but then slipped you a sweet surprise anyway. That Starlight Mint was your little secret, just between the two of you. Now you don’t have to worry about spoiling your dinner or developing health problems because that same sinfully delicious Starlight Mint is “Sugar Free”!

  • The peppermints – red and white
  • The Spearmints – green and white
  • A great alternative for people suffering from diabetes
  • Doesn’t increase your daily sugar intake
  • Doesn’t interfere with your blood glucose management

You have worked hard, so now sit back, relax and indulge in the everlasting sweetness of sugarless peppermints – Starlight Mints.

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